N3271-35 is a Navy-Blue trainer shoe with a colourful splash of fun from Rieker.


The synthetic upper is padded and provides some give as well as warmth. Where the foot meets the topline, this padded inner reaches up to hug the foot with its slightly elasticated topline and seamlessly forms the tongue. Visually N3271 has a Leather-look, where a Dark Navy forms the main part of the shoe, a Deep Burgundy wraps around the toe and up the heel counter.


There is an elasticated lace that runs up the front of the shoe; easily adjusted with the push-button toggle. This weaves through bright coloured tabs that surround the eyelets in Mustard Yellow, Blue and Brown. N3271-35 sits on a two-tone sole which is both lightweight and durable which, along with the memory foam insole, makes for a winning combination.

Rieker Ladies Multi coloured toggle trainer